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Miller, Thomas C. Information

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Miller, Thomas C.
24 East Ellsworth Avenue Denver, CO
Phone: 720-256-2361 / 877-826-1529 (Toll Free)
Fax: 303-952-9005


Current Employment Position(s)

Sole Practitioner

Lawyer Overview

Doc Miller brings a wealth of experience to the practice of law.  He did not graduate from law school and start trying cases at age twenty-four.  Rather, Doc Miller worked as a private investigator and journalist before trying cases at the age of forty.  He brings an accumulation of maturity and intelligence to his approaches to each case.  His experience at the practice of law reflects the rigorous examination of truth he applies to his life, as well as to his law practice.


Son of a medical doctor, Doc Miller was nurtured in a family of honest values, and, pursued every opportunity to obtain an education.  He entered law by admission to the Bar of the State of Colorado in 1993.  Doc Miller's educational background is diversified and eclectic. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver College of Law in 1992, after receiving his undergraduate degree in Classical Languages from the University of Denver, Summa cum laude, in the studies of Greek, Latin and Philosophy.  Doc Miller also attended Middlebury College and the Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College, Middlebury Vermont and Lincoln College, Oxford, England to take an M.A. in English.


What is most important in Doc Miller's law office is taking the burden off the client's shoulders.  With a practice in criminal defense, clients often come to the office charged with a crime.  Too often, the criminal justice system treats those charged with a crime as guilty of a crime.  Police reports concentrate on guilt, not the flaws in the accusations, errors and a relentless probe for innocence.  Burdened with accusations, many clients lose faith in themselves and their innocence. 


For Doc Miller's clients, his first step is to remind his clients of their innocence.  Too often, persons are charged with additional criminal acts that a thinking person would not even consider.  But, in the rough-and-tumble world of plea bargains and undue reverence for convictions rather than justice, additional charges produce promotions.  Bureaucracies have become the antithesis of law by treating every person as a number, a conviction and a criminal.  As a matter of fact, most people are not criminals and the criminal justice system could be improved vastly by recognizing this. 


Doc Miller meets every client personally and every client's case is reviewed to provide zealous representation. 


The many years of work as a journalist and private investigator taught Doc Miller how to interview people and uncover not only the true story, but the facts and circumstances behind the truth.  The legal system can work and can work well when a person who is accused of a crime has a tenacious lawyer who is willing to provide to prosecution the facts the police did not uncover.  Every case does not have to go to trial or be settled in a plea bargain that leaves a client facing a lifetime criminal record.  Cases are often dismissed when it turns out that the real evidence only needed to be uncovered and brought to a prosecutor who upholds the virtues of justice.


Doc Miller dedicated most of his early years to writing.  Many of his literary works have been published.  Most recently is a book entitled JonBenet Ramsey: Prostitution of Justice.  In this book, he explores a corrupt legal system in the easily solved murder of JonBenet Ramsey.  His works of poetry and prose have appeared in professional journals, including The Colorado Lawyer and Trial Talk, published by The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, in addition to numerous literary magazines.


The scope of Doc Miller's law practice includes the areas of Administrative Law and Complex Investigations, Business and Commercial transactions, Arbitration and Mediation, Employment Rights including wrongful termination, and Civil Rights covering national origin discrimination, police misconduct, victim's rights, domestic violence, parole and probation, white collar crimes; and he has represented clients in the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court.  His vigorous representation comes with a lot of help.  Doc Miller knows the private investigator to trust or avoid.  If a crime has been committed with pen and ink, Doc Miller can solve it.


The JonBenet Ramsey case is an example of Doc Miller's work in high profile and gut-wrenching cases.  As a handwriting expert, Doc Miller provided a key expert opinion that identified Patsy Ramsey as the author of the infamous ransom note in JonBenet Ramsey's tragic death.

Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Defense 65%
  • Trusts And Estates 15%
  • Employment 10%
  • Civil Rights 10%
50% of Practice Devoted to Litigation

West Practice Categories

Administrative Hearings & Adjudication, Administrative Investigations, Licensing, Arbitration, Mediation, RICO Act, Foreclosure & Alternatives, Collections & Repossessions, Debtor/Creditor, Discrimination, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech, Grand Jury Proceedings, Prisoners' Rights, Criminal Fraud, DUI/DWI, Drug Violations, Felonies, Juvenile Crimes, Misdemeanor, Parole & Probation, Sex Offenses, Traffic Violations, Victims' Rights, White Collar Crimes, Employee Rights -- Employee, Employment Contracts -- Employee, Employment Discrimination -- Employee, Wrongful Termination -- Employee, Employee Rights -- Employer, Employment Contracts -- Employer, Employment Discrimination -- Employer, Wrongful Termination -- Employer, Art, Guardianships & Conservatorships, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney and Appointment, Trusts, Wills, Ethics, Professional Responsibility, Childrens' Rights, Domestic Violence & Neglect, Juvenile Law, Paternity, Federal Trial Practice, State Appellate Practice, State Trial Practice, Landlord/Tenant, Residential Real Estate


Offers Free Initial Consultation


Bar Admissions

  • Colorado, 1993
  • U.S. District Court, 1993

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Professional Private Investigator's Association of Colorado, 1991 - 1992 (President)
  • Professional Private Investigator's Association of Colorado, 1989 - 1991 (Board of Directors)

Honors and Awards

  • Board Loaf Writer's Conference, Scholarship in Poetry, 1987 - Present
  • Board Loaf School of English, Scholarship to Oxford University, 1985 - Present

Past Employment Positions

  • Doc's Law Office, Sole Practitioner, 1993 - Present
  • Investigative Reporting Services, CEO, 1983 - 1995


  • University of Denver College of Law, Denver, Colorado
  • Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado, 1974
    Honors: Dean's List and Scholarships at Metropolitan State College
  • Middlebury College, Middlebury State, Vermont, 1985
    Major: English
  • Lincoln College, Oxford, United Kingdom
    Honors: Class President, Scholarship
  • University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, 1985
    Honors: summa cum laude

Published Works

  • Prostitution of Justice, (Co-Author With JonBenet Ramsey), Basilico Press, 2007
  • Living With Witches, Poem, Colorado Lawyer, Colorado Bar Association, September, Vol. 35, No. 9, Pg. 42, 2006
  • Driving Through Denver and Defending the Gun, Trail Talk, Colorado Trial Lawyer's Association, 1997
  • You're Death, Inklings Magazine, Winter,1997-1998, Pg. 36-37, 1998
  • "The Cultural and Intellectual Curiosity of a North American Pigmy, "Double Helix", Migration, Arapahoe Community College, Little, CO, 1997
  • "Gemini in Autumn", Pennsylvania State University, Erie, PA, 1996
  • "The Color of Knowledge", Pennsylvania State University, Erie, PA, 1977-1994
  • "Forever Living", Pennsylvania State University, Erie, PA, 1977-1994
  • Beckett's Kingdom", Pennsylvania State University, Erie, PA, 1977-1994
  • "Greyhounds", Pennsylvania State University, Erie, PA, 1977-1994
  • "An Appetite for Stones", Pennsylvania State University, Erie, PA, 1977-1994
  • "Buddha and the Jew", Pennsylvania State University, Erie, PA, 1977-1994, 1994
  • "The Vanity", University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1991
  • "Transcendental Descartes", Webster College, Webster Groves, Michigan, 1983
  • "San Francisco Star", Webster College, Webster Groves, Michigan, 1988
  • "We Have Only the Night", University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1985
  • "The Rings of Saturn", Denver, Colorado, 1986