Your Guide to Choosing a Patent Lawyer

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It's an exciting thing to come up with an idea worthy of protection. Most people on this planet will never know what that sense of pride feels like. So if you have created an original product idea or concept, we think it would be wise to take the proper steps to protect it. You need a patent, and this is where a patent lawyer comes into the picture. You have the idea, also called a piece of intellectual property; your patent lawyer has the knowledge and resources to help you apply for that patent and then enforce it if infringement occurs down the line.

What Is a Patent Lawyer?

A patent lawyer specializes in obtaining and protecting patents. They represent clients in all manner of procedures pertaining to patent law and an intellectual property practice. If you are an inventor, innovator or creative type with an idea or product you want to protect from ever being stolen from you, then you would benefit greatly from the services of a patent lawyer.
As in most other areas of law, it is possible to obtain a patent and attempt to protect your intellectual property without a lawyer. However, patent law is very complex and, to the untrained mind, it can be overwhelming. Patent lawyers help keep clients safe from loophole exploitation and other damaging attacks that can result from technical mistakes and going it alone.
You may hear the terms "patent attorney" and occasionally "patent agent" in place of "patent lawyer," but don't be confused. "Attorney" and "lawyer" are used interchangeably in the United States, and both patent attorneys and patent agents have the same license to practice and represent clients before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). However, there is a major, key distinction between a patent attorney/lawyer and a patent agent.

Patent Attorneys vs. Patent Agents

Key Aspects of a Patent Lawyer's Role

When to Hire a Patent Lawyer

Again, maybe you have a great idea and now you need to protect it. Or perhaps you are planning ahead for the invention or concept you've been working on.
It's time to consult a patent lawyer. They are incredibly effective in protecting intellectual property rights; after all, that is basically the job description.
Below, we'll cover a few reasons why hiring a patent lawyer is an intelligent decision for any creative individual, artist, or corporate entity looking to register and/or defend a patent.

Defending a Patent

Familiarity with Current, Evolving Intellectual Property Law

International Law & Protections

How to Choose a Patent Lawyer

Before you make any major public disclosure of your idea or invention, you should find the right patent lawyer for your situation. First, this attorney should be qualified and registered to practice before the USPTO.
In addition to a law degree and license, however, you may wish to find a qualified and registered attorney with a technical background in the sciences or other expertise relevant to your specific invention.
So don't settle for just anyone with a law degree; there are brilliant patent attorneys out there that will serve you wonderfully if you do your homework and compare their backgrounds.

Shop Around to Find the Right Fit

Consider an Attorney with Expertise in Your Specific Field

Discuss the Total Cost of Obtaining Your Patent

Determine if the Firm Also Does Litigation


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With so many people and so many corporations on the planet today, a unique idea or invention is a treasure. Historically, some people buried their treasure to protect it. Today, a successful patent application is the first step in protecting your treasure from others trying to profit from your intellectual property at your expense.
There are many things to look for when trying to choose a good patent lawyer. Above all, your choice should be someone you trust and with whom are able to build a strong working relationship.
Your lawyer should your best interests always in mind and be there for you through every part of the patent application and protection processes. Keep these points in mind when searching for the right patent lawyer and you'll surely be in good hands.

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