ADMIN JOBS owns and operates websites in hundreds of markets that provide informational data about attorneys and legal defenses for a wide variety of legal practice areas such as DUI/DWI defense, bankruptcy law, divorce, and several other areas. As a content writer and data entry clerk you would be responsible for gathering data about attorneys who practice on your assigned area (which includes several cities in your state) via online research on sites such as Google and the You would be responsible for building a database of all attorneys in your area and entering their information such as name, address, office phone, website address, and area of practice into a admin area of our websites in order to build a complete directory of local attorneys.

Our content writers are also responsible for some of the search engine optimization that is required for you assigned group of websites. Full training is provided via online training videos for this portion of the job assignment.

There is also a small amount of marketing related work involved in this position but there is no direct sales involved. There is also a small amount of accounting work involved as well.  While we do provided full training it is important that an applicant has a good working technical knowledge and is willing to learn new skills.

Many of our content writers and data admin associates do work from their home office. While this option is not ideal for every applicant it is a major cost save for our company. This does require someone that is self motivated and can work without direct supervision. A reliable high speed internet connection is required. We provided a computer and a phone line as well as all needed software.

This is a hourly paid position starting at $9.00 per hour with an increase after 90 days. The position starts as part time (25 hour per week) and will lead to full time in approximately 90 days. We do offer medical benefits and a 401k retirement program for full time staff members after 90 days.

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